Sunday, March 29, 2015

"That" Parent..

I have survived! My wisdom tooth is out and I only needed about a half of a day to recuperate. Yeah, it still hurts, but Lila does not give me much time to think about that! She is MORE than a handful recently. With walking, "talking", and pointing, my days as a sane person are long gone. 

We have had quite a busy weekend..Visiting Oma and Poppy, watching the ending to David's rock climbing competition (he won 1st!!), visiting the Easter bunny, and lastly visiting Mimi and Pops. 

Dave's climbing competition. Woo! I'm not a huge fan of rock climbing, but he is pretty darn good and im glad we could see him win!!

So most people think it when children/babies are screaming in public...SHUT THAT KID UP!! However, when you become a parent, I think we all understand. Yeah, kids will start screaming and they do not care who hears it! When I hear screaming, I think to myself, at least its not mine! I usually walk by with my "perfect" (at the moment) little child, and thank God that I am not "that" parent. 

Well, ladies and gents,  I was "that" parent today. Knock on wood, we usually never have issues in public with Lila. She loves being out and is pretty cooperative. Well today we took her to see the Easter bunny! Right when we brought her over to put her on his lap, she clung to David and SCREAMED. Dave could not get her off of him. I finally took her and tried sitting on Mr. Bunny's lap. She was not having it!!!!! Of course the line was starting to grow and grow. So embarrassing! Finally we all sat down, though she was still very upset, and I moved her hand out of her mouth..this is the shot they got. I was shocked. That little faker! She is never going to know what she put us through looking at this picture one day!!!! Thankfully I have this blog :) 

Here is a photo from today baking Easter cookies with Mimi.. Lila probably had about 5. Don't worry. I made it up for it at home making a nice smoothie with about 500 fruits and veggies. 

I would write more but I have a candle burning, a book that is calling my name, and a nice full night sleep awaiting me. 

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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