Sunday, May 3, 2015

Feels like Summer!

Hey Y'all!

Haven't posted anything recently because I don't feel like spending my days on the laptop when its nice outside! I was cooped up all winter with Lila and now I LOVE going outside with her during the day. We have a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks so I probably wont post anything too long. 

Lila has been sooooo active the past couple of weeks. Yeah, it can get exhausting following her around all day, but I also love going outside and putting her down. Basically any day we are home and it feels nice we go outside, I set up her little area. I try to do my workout while she plays in the grass and the sandbox. 

I also try to take her on a lot of walks. It is extremely quiet and we just listen to the birds chirp and eventually make our way down to see the horsieeeess!! I actually let Lila get out of the stroller because she points and babbles when she sees them. Lila LOVES these walks. It makes my heart so happy! At least once during every stroll, she will look back and up at me and just gives the biggest smile! I feel like she is saying "mom, this makes me happy. I don't mind walking in silence." 

Almost every week we meet up with Li's bestie, Brielle..

Recently we have really been getting together with both of our families. Friday we went to David's grandfathers house to visit his neighbor's farm animals...

I love this picture of all of them! Great Pop saved the day with giving Lila some sweet cheerios! 

This weekend was actually very nice because Lila stayed with my mom while Dave and I had some fun. David had a big end of the year banquet for his job and then we went to a little after party at his friends house. 

It was nice to let loose for one night. I always forget how awesome it is to be off mommy duty for a night. It was also nice to meet Dave's friends from work. They were all really cool! I realized that they knew a lot about me already...thanks, Dave ;)

Before I met up with David, I had dinner with Brielle's mommy, Sarah. We had been saying forever that we need to get out of the house and get a drink without the girls. When we have play-dates we end up loosing our train of thought, eating with frustration or trying to entertain our kids. We TRY to carry on conversation, but it usually gets interrupted! Anyway, we decided to go out and we met at La Tolteca (my fav mexican rest.) We enjoyed margaritas, chips and dinner and had a full conversation! It was sooooo nice! 

LASTLY...We went to my moms today to pick up Lila. Dave and I met my family at my brothers soccer game and then went back to enjoy a little BBQ. It was so good! Lila had so much fun. The girl loves running barefoot in the grass. She also loves ice cream...but who doesn't?!

Enjoying the hurdles-just like Mommy! 

"Mimi, you make the best ice cream" ;)

I gotta get to bed! Lots to do tomorrow!