The Story of Us

Dave and I met at the beginning of Freshmen year of high school. We were in some of the same classes and became friends! I had heard that David liked me and the next thing I knew, he asked me to homecoming our Sophomore year. He has been trapped ever since. Seriously though..We rarely fought/fight, we knew early on that we were meant to be and started planning our future!
Freshmen year high school

Sophomore year homecoming

We were definitely not the typical high school relationship. We knew very early on that we wanted to get married and have a family one day. It felt like forever. Years would go by and we would just keep saying "5 more years" "4 more years"...

Prom-Senior year

Our plan was to get through high school, get through college...oops. Well not everything goes as plan...After 5 years of being together, we found out that we were pregnant! Honestly..we were happy. We knew we wanted this.. just not yet! We were terrified. We decided to get married. Why not? We knew it was going to happen eventually. 3 months later we said I Do. 

Yea, we did some things backwards, but after 5 years we had to shake things up a bit. HA! (JK). Seriously though, we are blessed to have supportive family and friends to help us through this journey. 

Lila is here!

We now have a one year old baby girl (Lila Rose) and we could not be happier! Dave is now finishing up his last year of college (majoring in geek physics) and we will be ready to take on the world! I am now a stay-at-home mom with Lila and this blog is for friends/family/moms/etc. to follow, but this is especially for Lila. Enjoy!

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