Lila Rose.

Lila, Lila, Lila. I'm going to start this off by saying Lila has never been EASY. Love her to death. She is a total goofball and a happy baby now.. but I had a lot of difficulty with her pregnancy and ever since! I will not go into detail, but I was in the hospital several times before Lila arrived because of some complications with Placenta Previa. 33 weeks and 5 days later...Lila came into the world via C-section. Definitely the scariest day of my life. Thankfully we made it to the nearest hospital and that the hospital had a NICU! 
33 weeks

Lila Rose was 5lb 30z and 18in.

 Life was hard. Yes, you know your life is going to change once the little one enters the world..but this was something totally different. I am trying to think of something to write and I can't. When I think about that time, and I feel nauseous. Not being able to hold Lila for almost 24 hours after she was born killed me. Not to mention, I didn't really get to see her until that point. Leaving the hospital without her was terrible. I would get to the NICU as early as I could and I would stay there until 10pm. I never wanted to leave her. The nurses literally had to tell me to leave and get rest. 

Since Lila was a preemie, she went through a lot! Thankfully she was only in there for 18 days (a lot shorter than what they thought!). Some parents/babies had been in there for months. I can't imagine. 

Lila really is our little miracle and we cannot imagine life without her. She is independent, determined, happy, goofy, and beautiful. We just love her to death. 

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