Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm Guilty..

Have any of you put your child to bed almost 2 hours early because YOU are exhausted? I am so guilty of that tonight.. My child is turning into two HUGE handfuls, and I only have two tiny hands. She is always one step ahead of me!! If I do not have a bikini body by summer I will be shocked! I am going to come out with a workout plan for all women..You ready? Here it is: Have a Baby and wait 15 Months. TADA! I do love her to death, but its just a lot of work!

I decided to make homemade marinara meat sauce, and thank God there is a cabinet of bowls right behind where I stand. It kept her busy the entire time. I even taught her how to stir the spoon and then (pretend) taste. It was so funny! She ended up stirring every time and then handing the spoon to me to taste. 

Today we went on a walk down to see the horses! I was so excited when I saw that they were all out, and extremely close to the fence. I was even able to pet one! I totally forgot to take photos because a man had pulled over to see the horse and we talked for a while. Maybe tomorrow we will try again. They are so beautiful!!!! 

Before we went for our walk I snapped a few photos of Lila because it was SO nice outside. 

Lila "Diva" Steppe

I will probably write more after this weekend because it's Easter!!!! And the Easter bunny has a lot to do before Easter! ;)


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