Saturday, March 21, 2015

Super Mom

Do any of you ever have one of those days where you just say "Wow. Today I was awesome. Good job." Well. I rarely ever say that. However, I am sitting on my bed now and I said it. I did a ton today. Not even just today..mostly tonight. I came home from visiting my mom and got really motivated to clean. I clean every night because I have to, but tonight was different. I was sick of looking at all of the clothes I never wear, but keep because I barely have clothes that fit or that I like. I honestly think that I keep the clothes that I will never wear again because I like to huff and puff to myself while looking through all of them. If I put them all away, down in the basement, I would have nothing at all in my drawers or closet. That would be really pathetic. Well. Tonight I did it. I made a massive pile of all of the winter clothes I got out in fall that I never put on once. It felt better than I thought. Now the closet is a little less cluttered, and I can look through all of the clothes that I might possibly put on. 

Not only did I do all of that in less than two hours, but I did laundry, cleaned Lila's room, vacuumed, and blogged :)


Tonight I am a very proud mommy. Yes, Lila has taken steps, but tonight was different. My mom was on the kitchen floor playing with Lila when she told me to look over. Lila was walking to her to get the remote. Not only did she do it once, but she did it over and over, back and forth. She would even turn and walk. We were all shocked. Lila is not one to be motivated enough to get up and walk. She would rather get from point a to point b the fastest way, crawling. No one knew when Lila would be ready to do it herself. She has a mind of her own. 

Here are a few pictures of us today baking Italian Easter cookies. 

We have church in the morning, so I have to run! 

Ta Ta 

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