Friday, March 20, 2015

Lila's first zoo trip!

Yes, I do have an excuse of why I have not been blogging. 

1. I do not have a whole lot to write about right now, and I do not want to bore anyone.

2. Lila and I have had a pretty nasty cold.

So..When Dave told me his Spring Break was coming up, I really wanted to do something fun as a family. We spend some time at home together, but rarely get to go out just us three and do fun things. My first thought was the zoo! Lila is a little young to go to the zoo, but this kid LOVES animals. She definitely has a love for them just like her dad. Lila has been really curious too; pointing and Ah-ing over everything. 

One of Lila's favorite books is "Hello Baby". It basically has a zoo animal on every page. So I realized that I had it in the diaper bag and started going through each of the pages as we passed the animal. 





..and Elephant.

I am really glad I did this because she LOVES the book. It blows my mind though because there are no bright colors at all. They are just pictures of animals!

Now I know some may say its a waste of money to go to the zoo while she is so young..and yes, she will not ever remember, but we will! Dave and I will always remember this day. We had so much fun and I will never forget how happy she was! 

I was actually able to get in the pic! 

 Our little penguin

We even got her a little "Maryland zoo" hat for the summer. 

I would say it was a pretty awesome day. That night I went out for drinks with my mom (and drank a little too much-but much needed) while Lila stayed with my in laws! Then all day today we hung out with David's family/shopped for mine and Lila's Easter outfits (glad that's over) and ended the night with his family taking us to Chili's! I am honestly glad that Dave's break is almost over. I am ready for his school year to finish, and for summer to begin!!! 

Oh and snow...I am hoping we are through now. You have visited enough, and now you are annoying. Obviously no one told you it was Spring. Well I am telling you now! I don't want to see you until next winter! 

Oh and I should have some new healthy recipes coming next week! I have been doing pretty well on my diet and exercising! 

Now it is time for me to relax! See you all later!


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