Sunday, March 1, 2015

Awake and NOT happy

I really do think its true that children sense when their parents are calm... 

I am at my moms house "house sitting", so lila and I are in the same room sleeping (she's in the pack n play). Of course I come into the room making a ton of racket, and she doesn't even flinch. She waits until I am thirty minutes into my sleep...

Lila totally gets her waking up habit from me. When we both wake up, there is rarely the whole stretch, lay there awake, and relax.. Nope. It's like we were drinking coffee in our sleep. Get right up and happy, happy, happy. 

So back to my story. Lila wakes up and I hear her jump right up and start saying "ah" through her binky. I knew by the sound, there was no way she would go back to sleep right away. I got her up, sat her up next to me in bed and tried to not act happy and awake. I eventually got back up, rocked her for a minute and realized she was asleep.. Whaaaaa?! 

Thank God. Well guess what..

Now I am awake. 

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