Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today's Lesson.

This will be short.

I was making lunch; dave was eating his sandwich.

Lila was walking around the kitchen doing her thing.

Next thing I know dave asks, "les, what is lila eating?"..(I wanted to say "i don't know dave, you're sitting there and I am busy" however, I like that he thinks I know everything :D )

Lila is over at the trashcan, and took a huge bite of something big and brown. At first I thought it was roast beef (what we were eating).

 I ran over to grab whatever it was out of her mouth. 

She had taken a huge bite out of a teabag. Yes, a tea bag. All of the grainy herbs all in her mouth. 

Lila didn't seem to mind. 

Watch your kids, people. 

We only keep her around because she is cute. 


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