Friday, February 27, 2015

Shit Happens

As I look out the window, I want to kick snow in the face. STOP SNOWING. We woke up to it snowing, yet again, and of course no delay for David. Towson University will never allow their students to be happy-haha. Either way, no delay for Lila or mommy. We started off the day with our normal routine and..snow. BUT it was not just a normal day for us! We found out Oma was coming for a visit and to take us to lunch! We talked while Lila traveled throughout the house and coming over every so often for a hug or a laugh. Eventually we left to go to Sunshine Grill (a little Cafe type of place near our house)! Lila ate up every bite of her fish sticks! We also got to color which is always fun!
Oma and Lila

Not only did Oma come for a visit, but Mimi and Pops came over to visit before they went away for the weekend. Lila was one spoiled little girl. Her grandparents love her! 

Mimi and Lila

For the title of my blog this week. Yes. Shit does happen. While my mom was visiting, Lila was snacking on raisins. Well we were talking and I really was not paying attention to how many she was eating consuming devouring. I guess she ate most of the box because during her bath that night...WOW. I do not even want to describe it. I am sure most of you can imagine what I had to clean up. Lila's face looked just as shocked as mine. Poor baby. Nothing like getting ready to take her out of the bath, clean...yeah. I am just gonna stop there. 

Onto more exciting news. 

Now..remember when I said I had "walking baby radar"? Well...Mama knows best. Last night after everyone was finished visiting and we were over at my best friends house/next door watching TV, Lila took two steps toward me! I will never forget that. Lila has never been in need of anyone. She is very independent. So when she had her arms out toward me and walking to me, it was great! I totally needed that. I did not get a picture or video but I will always remember it. I have been replaying it in my mind for a whole day now. 

This was all yesterday.

Now for today. We had story time again at the library! I really believe going to story time has helped Lila with walking. She stares at all of the kids walking/talking. We went to the mall again after with Brielle and Sarah. I am so excited to see these girls walk and talk one day. I think its going to be a hoot!! We were also able to get Lila a couple spring/summer clothes today. Not near finished but its a start. No one tells you how much money everything will cost for a baby. Even though I LOVE shopping for Lila...I hate it because everything is soooo overpriced. Maybe I can write a book for high school students. Here is how much money you need. Do not get pregnant. You will be broke. The end. Your welcome. Bye. 

Thank God for coupons.
Thank God for sales. 
Thank God for friends and family. 

Now...a couple weeks ago David and I were at Target looking around. I found this little pink tutu bikini that was screaming Lila's name. I had to have it. After 500 "no's" from David I finally gave up and left the store very sad. Well when David said I could get some things for summer, that bikini was one of the first things on my list. Yes, its a bathing suit. Why would she need that before clothes? Our neighbor/best friend have a pool and I think we will probably be in bathing suits more than normal clothes this summer.  So yes, I wanted her to have it. 

So naturally we went home and tried on her summer bikini. 
Oh, and the flip flops.

Not only is there a tutu, but it comes off and on so that there are only the swimming bottoms. Good job, target. We are ready for summer. 


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