Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what you put me through..

Dear Lila, 

This is a little letter from me to you. Tonight has been rather difficult. Along with your new goofy personality (and squeal) you have a new bedtime seems. GO TO BED, LILA! You do not want to sleep. Usually you are simple. Read books, drink some milk, rock until calm (usually I make you laugh by tickling you first) and I put you down in your crib and you eventually fall asleep. I put you to bed at 7 tonight. yes, a little early, but you had a big day today with very little sleep. It is now 9:40pm and after switching off and on..Daddy finally got you to sleep. Praise God! 

Anyway, the main point of this post is to share your new habbit. You started it this week. We first play our usual "pass the binky" where you take the binky out of your mouth and give it to me, then you take it back. Cute game we have been playing for months. Then...I tickle you. Right under your chin is the spot! Gets you every time. Now....a new game. You poke my eyes. You literally stare at me with so much determination...and I am a little nervous to what the point of the game is.. you poke pretty hard and rub all around. It is quite annoying, but I laugh because it is weird. Then after being unable to keep my eyes open at all, you try to pry my eyelids open with your finger. AND YOU DON'T LET UP. I try to swat you away, but like I said, you are determined. I am now wondering maybe you keep making more games so you go to bed later and later. You can't fool me! Or have you already? Either way. You are asleep now, so I win. 

I just wanted to let you know what you put me through.. 

Sweet Dreams my Lila Bean :)


P.S. I am not a mom to a walker yet...however she learned how to stand on the table without holding on. We like to live life on the edge..

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