Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thank You!

Well..we did it! We survived the first year! It's a big deal for me. Yes, I know everyone who has kids are happy to have made it through the first year.. But I am proud of us! David and I are young parents, and I think we are doing a pretty good job (Again-I think). It is hard! Not to mention the first 3 weeks in the hospital were brutal. Being in the NICU is not what you imagine when you go to deliver your baby. 

On Lila's birthday we celebrated just us three by going out to Friendly's for lunch and sundaes! Lila ate half of her sundae. David helped her finish it :)

We just had a fun relaxing day together! 

Lila's Raggedy Ann Birthday Party!

However, the next day was intense! Friday was prepping all day and party planning! I had every decoration set up the night before the party, so that on the party day I just had to cook and get ready. Everything went so smooth. Even Lila took her nap at the perfect time. I kept saying "this is too easy, something is going to go wrong". I woke up, finalized a few things and slowly got ready until I had to start cooking. 

The menu:
artichoke dip
onion dip/chips
Italian shells
Chicken caesar salad
Italian bread
Lots and Lots of cake!
chocolate rose lollipops
chocolate pretzels

Here are the decorations!

What to do at a 1st birthday party!?! WELL...I had everyone write a word for each letter of the alphabet for Lila. Later one in life she can look back and laugh at what everyone wrote...and yes..she will laugh. 

"Photo Prop" area!

Lila's Raggedy Ann Outfit..

We made the whole outfit (besides leg warmers!)

I just want to thank everyone who came out for the party. We love you all! You all have been by our sides through this journey and you mean so much to my family!
Lila received the most beautiful gifts and we seriously cannot thank you enough. 


P.S. I have a million photos from the party and I will try to post them on facebook or send them to anyone who wants them! 

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