Thursday, January 8, 2015

So Long Holidays, Hello 1st Birthday!

So the holidays are over and all is calm...yeah right. Lila's birthday/birthday party is in a week and I have been planning and making all of the decorations. Here's the thing with Lila's birthday party. I knew the theme of Lila's birthday party since I found out I was having a girl. I have been obsessed! My friends and family are probably going to cry of joy when I finally stop talking about it. It's exciting, okay!?!? We are having a somewhat small birthday for Lila. It's her first and I want it to be as intimate as it can be (immediate family and very close friends). Also..I do not have the room to invite everyone I wanted. enough of me rambling..let's see the birthday girl! 

This is what the backdrop looked like..

I took all of these photos maybe a month ago? I needed to put them in her invitation. Let's just say Lila is the only kid who did not want to put her hands right into the frosting. My sister in law and I had to literally stick her hand in. She did not like getting messy!!! My one tip if doing your own photos....Wake the baby up from the nap and start taking photos as soon as possible. Even though she was very quiet, she was so sweet! Sometimes I am not aiming for the "big Lila smile". I love when she looks calm. 
I will do her real 1st birthday pictures this week! She will be decked out in her birthday theme! Can't wait!

So there have been a lot events since Christmas Eve. I am not going to overload everyone with here ya go!

Christmas Eve
(I love how Lila is eating Santa's cookies Christmas morning haha)

 "The Face"

Lila got her first car from the Class fam!

New Years Eve

Lila's first bridal shower!
With the lovely bride-to-be!

Lila attended her friends, Ben and Kate, birthday party!

Yesterday in the snow!!!

...And lastly, Lila and I were asked to be in David's cousins wedding! 
We are super excited!

Well I am going to go enjoy myself for the next hour or so of Lila's nap!

Tonight I will be making meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas! Dave is working crazy shifts the next couple of days and I want him to have something yummy! I might be able to post the recipe tomorrow! 

Oh by the way..if I do not write before Saturday...


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