Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Days like today..

Sometimes.. There are days like today when I think to myself "how did we make it through?". I AM EXHAUSTED. From the moment I woke up all I wanted to do was exercise and shower during Lila's first nap... Well it's 8:00 pm and I am just getting into the shower. I did get to exercise... During Lila's second nap. However, it took me a good hour to finish because I was so tired from the morning. Lila cried during her entire morning 2 hour nap. Yes, she is a baby (well now toddler) but I am pretty tough with her. I know a lot of people parent differently, but I definitely go for the tough love method. Yes, it is hard hearing her scream and cry, but I am not going to have a spoiled first child. Eventually she will cry until she is tired enough to fall asleep. Well.. Today I did cut her a little slack. Lila received two shots yesterday at the doctor and has been teething like crazy. So I gave her Motrin and thought she would be fine. After 45 min-60 min of crying I went in to give her a binky and some more milk. She was not having it! I put her back down and listened to her cry for another 45 min. So I decided she was not going to bed. We ate lunch and she went to sleep shortly after.(Thank God!).. Not so fast. Only for an hour. I wanted to cry when I heard her. I had just finished working out and wanted to take a shower. 

Sorry, I am babbling. 

I know I have probably said this before (or written it in her baby journal), but every time we go to a doctor checkup, I notice a change in Lila instantly. The obvious being she was terrified of the doctor. This was never an issue before. The nurse told me once they hit 1 all babies "know". It was weird! Anyway, the doctor was a little concerned Lila is not speaking yet. Well.. Shortly after, I noticed she was saying more sounds! She even was trying to mimick me saying "mama" today. I think she thinks the "r" sound is "m". I have noticed that for a while now and she always says "rarara" after I saw "mama". Today she also stood up on her own about 20 times?! Maybe even more. 

So now I am in the bath and Lila is asleep. All is well.. 

I am now going to do something I enjoy doing or relax! Maybe scrapbook?! Who knows. 

Tomorrow I will try to get on to share some recipes I have made the last couple of days! 
Here are some photos from today! Enjoy!


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