Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who says parents can't have fun!?

OH MY GOODNESS..what a weekend..And I am so excited to be able to stay home for most of the day tomorrow to just clean and get back into the groove of things. 

This past weekend David and I dropped Lila off at my mom's house (Mimi) so that we could go out to celebrate my close friend's 21st birthday! I did not realize how much I needed it! Holy moly, I forgot what fun was..Don't get me wrong, I could not let go of Lila when I got her back today. I missed her a lot :( 

We parents definitely need a break sometimes. We get too used to being caretakers (..changing way too many diapers) everyday that we sometimes forget about ourselves. We had sooooo much fun. We drank a little too much (well me), danced all night and had some great laughs. It was also nice to go out with David as my husband and not Lila's dad..Does that make sense? I think we are so focused on everything Lila is doing/accomplishing and we put our relationship on the back burner. Everything we do revolves around the baby because she is new and relies on us..And she is kinda cute. I am hoping that we can go out one more time alone before our 1st wedding anniversary in October. It is going to be hard to fit it in with David's classes and work starting up this week. 

Anyway, Lila did have a somewhat big accomplish this week! She fed herself Gerber snacks. When I heard that she did it, I was shocked. I can barely get her to swallow half a cheerio, better yet picking it up and putting it in her mouth. 

She also has enough hair for me to put it in a little clip "pebbles style". LOL. I am SO excited. I can finally use all of the little clips I have been waiting to put on her. 

She was watching Barney. 

Lila and I went to a baby shower today, which was so nice! She loved looking at all of the little girls. She can't wait to be just like them! I would like to say I have taught her to always cross her legs, but it just comes natural to her. :)

Mama loves you!!

So after a night out I was soooooo hungry. This morning I woke up, drank some water, and raided the fridge because I was really craving a big breakfast. 

So obviously...



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