Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I am still alive!

Well.. Three days later.. I HAVE BEEN BUSY! 

Nothing really eventful, but getting stuff done! Laundry and cleaning all day.. Oh and that thing called a baby. Yeah, she keeps me a little busy too.

Anyways, I am alive. Went grocery shopping today and got all kinds of yummy stuff for this week. Tomorrow is taco night! Yay! 

Lila has been trying to get her legs up more to "try" to crawl. Eh, it will be a while. She has learned to blow raspberries.. Especially while I try to feed her. That's fun. 

Yes.. That is food on her forehead. It was my fault. She wouldn't stop looking at her bib so I wave the spoon in front of her eyes to get her attention HA! Carrots and mixed berries, yum! 

I have also been trying to make Lila her own headbands. I have bought them since now, and the prices are just ridiculous. I have been into the cloth turban headbands for babies.. If they turn out well I will share!

That's all for now! About to watch a movie. 

                       Ta Ta

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