Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jaws, Toys, and Tutus

I'm gonna make this quick! I have been doing loads of laundry (no pun intended :) ) and I have a headache! Yuck! 

David has been back at school and work since yesterday and everything is great! Lila and I have been two peas in a pod. I thought it would be a huge adjustment but it really has not been bad at all. 

Only thing that I am trying to figure out is Lila's schedule... I feel like we are constantly struggling with her sleeping schedule! She is so indecisive (just like her mama). Lila switched her two hour nap to 10am now and said bye bye to 1:00 nap. Oh well. 

Today we went next door and hung out with our friends :) They had gotten all of their old baby toys out for Lila and she is IN LOVE with them. 

We decided to put her in the little you box so that she would stay still for a minute haha. David and I are sooo in trouble. She is already so attached to the phone! 

We also spent some time outside today. It was so nice! I cannot remember the last time we were outside more than 15 min. (Besides at night for our walk). I like to let Lila get some sun without her sunblock. She already has great skin, but she needs to be exposed to the sun! I usually put sunblock on if she is out for awhile but if it's only 10-15 min I let her soak it all in. I mean come on, people back in the day didn't have sunblock and they made it out alive. 

While she took a little afternoon nap I got to tan! It was so nice. It's crazy what an hour of vitamin D can do for you. I felt like a new woman. 

We also discovered tonight that gerber needs to come out with a new baby food... Called watermelon. I cut a bunch of it today and decided to let her gnaw on it. She has been trying to eat her hands all day today, so I thought a new taste would be nice for her. SHE WENT AT IT! So funny hearing/watching her use her gums to try to soak all of the juice in. At one point I took it out of her mouth and there was a huge bite missing. Next thing I know she spits it out at me. It was pretty funny! 
                Jaws likes watermelon

Lastly, I ended my night with making Lila's ravens tutu. I just found a ravens jersey for her on ebay (new with tags!!!) and I decided she HAS to have a tutu to match... So .....  

Looks a little different because of the flash but that's it! Can't wait to see her in it. 

Tomorrow we will be going out to look for some child safety "stuff". When did Lila decide to get so big? I will not allow this to keep happening. She better not even think about walking. 

                             Sleep tight!

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