Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lazy Day

Today was very uneventful..We sat around most of the day watching a movie and doing the normal routine. We said good-bye to Chandler early this morning :( One more year Chan! WOO

I was kinda in a weird mood all day and I just wanted to make something easy for dinner. I looked in the freezer and saw that we had Italian ground sausage, and we also had rigatoni and marinara sauce. It took maybe 30 min? Good and quick!

I warmed the marinara sauce, cooked the sausage in a pan, and boiled the pasta. I had some yellow squash in the fridge, so I cut some of that up and cooked it in the sauce. Once the meat was finished, I drained it and put it all into the sauce and let it warm all together. Once all together I added some fresh mozzarella on top. 

So the reason why I have so much produce all of the time is because I live with a produce salesman (Tyler). Every week he brings home a box of random produce! So I added a side salad because I need to use up the produce from last week before tomorrow's new box arrives! 

No homemade dessert tonight..but what is better than a juicy cantaloupe on a summer night!?


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