Monday, August 18, 2014

Christmas Pajamas and a Robbed Car

What a night! Holy cow. Chandler (my bestfriend) and I came back from picking up dinner when we received a call from her sister. We found out that her car was broken into at her field hockey practice and needed us to come get her. Someone busted her window open and stole her wallet/purse. 

Before all of the mahem, Lila and I enjoyed a long day with Chandler and her sister Carson. We went to the mall to finish their last minute shopping before school. Lila met Tiffany and Co. Yes little boy babies, she has standards. Beware. 

I was not going to shop, but we went to Janie and Jack. I love that baby store but it is so expensive! I found Lila Christmas PJ's though! I love them! They were half off and from last years collection. I had also gotten a food grinder for Lila. I am going to start making her own baby food. Watch out Lila.. You are getting gourmet now too! 

Gotta run! We are about to watch a movie! 

Here is Lila and chan heading off to college! Bye Aunt Chan! We will miss you :( 


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