Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Baby=Happy Mama

This morning Lila was sitting in her high chair while I was making breakfast, and she started yelling and laughing to get my attention. It was soooo high pitched; my ears were hurting! She thought it was hysterical. This went on at least 10-15 times. I am scared. I tried not to laugh, but it was so funny. 

I am stuffed! Went to dinner tonight with David's family to meet his sister's boyfriend's family (woo!). We had a lot of fun and a great dinner! I then made David take us into the mall to get something sweet. Lila was asleep in the stroller so we waltzed over to the mall and both got a truffle. Yum!

Time crying. 

OK, I am back! Any moms out there go to the bathroom at night and realize they have not used the bathroom all day!? Yeah, that just happened to me. Probably not healthy. 

I hate going out late at night and having to bring Lila from the car to the house while she is asleep. Almost every time she will wake up. She will also stay awake for awhile after waking up. I was shocked tonight when I brought her in, gave her a bottle and she fell asleep.. only after screaming (happily), petting my face and playing with my hair. Good girl, Lila! She slept from 7pm-8am this morning, so I am hoping we get lucky again tonight. 

Don't let the bedbugs bite!


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  1. After her busy day yesterday, it's no wonder she slept well. I loved watching her nap in my bed and especially her smiling face upon waking ... no words for the warmth in my heart!
    She has found her screaming voice indeed. It was funny seeing her listen to her echo in the parking garage as she belted out a "test scream". The fun begins!