Saturday, August 16, 2014

Home, Home on the Range

Oh, the world of teething! Please, baby Jesus, let there be a tooth in the very near future. If there is not a tooth coming through Lila's gums soon, I am going to lose my mind! She has been in such a funky mood for about a month...and NO tooth yet. At first we thought a growth spurt..She would wake up at 2-4 AM every morning and drink a 6-7 oz bottle! A normal bottle for her is a 5 oz bottle. So after a month of Lila doing this..I am guessing it is something she is now expecting to do every night!? 


On a good note-for the most part she is extremely pleasant to be around! So smiley, giggly, and cute! Today David was holding her and she was cooing....and slipped the "D" sound!!! This is very exciting because she has been on the same letters for a while now. 

This weekend we have been at my moms house in PA watching the house, pets and carpooling my younger brothers. To explain where we are....civilization is about 30 minutes away. When you walk outside all you see are cornfields. So of course I get the camera out..because there is nothing else to do :)

I was so excited to get her next to the shed where David and I had our Christmas picture taken. When I had taken the first picture I could not help but see how much Lila looks like my little brother, Dean. There was one picture where they look identical, but I could not find the photo!

Here is Dean:

And this is Lila!

My mom has an easy menu for me to follow for the boys this weekend because they like simple food. I have nothing to share on what I have been making for dinner. HOWEVER..I made my favorite salad yesterday for lunch and I wanted to share! 

I have been eating this salad since I was about 8-9 when my family and I would go to Friendly's! Whenever I am craving it, I make my own little creation of Buffalo Chicken Salad. It is definitely my favorite meal..and I think it always will be. I do not always have all of the ingredients, so I just improvise with whatever is in the fridge.


shredded carrots
crushed tortilla chips
green pepper
buffalo sauce
blue cheese dressing
3 chicken tenders
sliced avocado

Mix it all together! YUM

Anyway, it is about time for me to start making dinner! Meatball subs! Off I go!


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