Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lila's 15 Months!

Been a little MIA lately. Hectic past week. There are some weeks where we stay home and  we are sooooo bored. Then there are weeks like last week and this week where I have too much to do. When it rains, it pours. 

I will start with last night because it was so exciting! Dave and I went on a date!! We haven't been out alone in awhile! He told me that he got an email from the stubs program at the movie theater and received two free tickets to see Age of Adeline. I was soooo excited because I wanted to see it! I did not know this until we went in, but the movie does not even show for another 2-3 weeks. There was security in the theater making sure people were not recording it... So we went in, printed the tickets and the lady said to come back in 30 min and they will start seating. Well 30 min later we went in and the two last seats were the very front row. Ouch, my neck. I knew it was going to be crowded because it was free, but I thought they were going to START seating in 30 min. GRRRR. Anyway, the movie was really good. A little cheesy during the beginning and end, but overall good movie. Dave even liked it. Shout out to the in laws for watching Lila!

Now working my way backwards..My best friend, Chandler, came home from college for the weekend with her friends to go to the horse race! I have gone a couple times before, but its been since high school. Lila has never been and she loves horses, so I was excited to bring her along! There's good food, drinking, horses and fun times! 
Aunt Chan (Lila's Godmama)

 These are Lila's 3rd grandparents: Aunt Kimmie and G Bob (Chans parents). They are awesome! Lila is about to snag his drink.

Thank God she is sleeping. She was a little antsy the entire time. 

 My Bestie! 

The next day we took Lila to the park before heading up to my moms house. It was really nice outside and we were happy that Dave was able to hang out with us for the day. He has been working like crazy recently and we have not seen him a whole lot. Can't wait until summer begins and he will have normal job hours. 

 You see the kid with the floppy hat sitting on the ground playing with mulch? Yup, thats mine. Lila, we can play with dirt at home..why did we come here?

Farmer Lila realized that they had a sandbox!

 I love this picture so much. They had no idea that they were both making the same face. Can you tell they are related?
Oh, and this is from my moms house. Lila! Wait until I get you a tissue!! ;)
(that's the pond fountain)

Now for the last part. Lila is now 15 months! Each month was exciting before she turned one, but now its every 3 months! I was not planning on taking photos of Lila but then realized it was so nice out and I wanted some good photos of her walking around. Obviously we cannot afford to have all of Lila's photos done professionally, so I take them all. I love doing them anyway. I know my kid better than any photographer so I feel like she is more comfortable. This was literally a three minute thought process. I thought about the dress, and obviously her new boots. I looked outside and saw yellow flowers and it all clicked! I quickly grabbed her rocking horse (that I LOOOVEEEE! Her godfather got it for her for Christmas. Big roses all over it. We call her Rosie)

I realized while taking the photos that Lila was not her smiley self. Honestly, sometimes I like that. Yes, I love her smile, but I love when she is concentrated and serious. There is this one photo from my 3rd birthday that I love. When I saw this photo of Lila, I thought of mine! Shes looking down, but I love that you can see her face without all of the goofy smiling. Sorry my photos is blurry. SOOO old ;)

I know that this post has a lot of photos, but there were lots of events and I had my camera out all week. Sorry! I am making a bunch of different dinners and will hopefully post the recipes soon! 


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