Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend (From our Messy Bunny to Yours)

Well..Our second Easter as a family has come and gone. I have to say that this Easter was a lot more exciting than the last. Lila actually walked around four different egg hunts and loved it! Last year she was still so little and basically slept the whole time. So much has changed (besides Dave's wardrobe.. haha). 

Before you go any further...WARNING-lots of photos. 

We just realized that Dave wore the same thing both years. Woops!

So this weekend was extremely busy for us. We went to church Friday night, my in-laws country club for brunch with the Easter bunny, went to dinner with my "second family", had church  with the in-laws and then made our way to PA for my mom's Easter dinner. 

Brunch with the Easter bunny was a lot of fun! Both David's grandparents and parents belong to Sparrows Point Country club, so we all got to enjoy the Easter experience with Lila. She was not too thrilled to see the Easter bunny, but whats new? However, she loved the Easter egg hunt even though it was soooooo windy! I am shocked she was able to walk.  

 Daddy, Lila and Great Pop

"I am not going any closer, Mom."

 Grandparents, Great Pop, Lila and Dave

 Great Grandparents!!

Oma (Dave's mom) and Lila!

 Now...For the ride home that I will never forget. There were many crafts that we could make while at this brunch, one being grow you own baby carrots. We planted the seeds in a pot and went on our way home. I put Lila in her carseat and Dave packed up the car. He put the pot of dirt and seeds near Lila thinking "..she probably can't reach that..". Never underestimate a child Lila. We were a good 10 min on the road when we both started wondering what Lila was playing with. She was loud and I did not remember giving her a toy. I remember Dave saying "oh shit, the basket". I looked back and immediately turned back around in my seat. "Dave pull over. Its everywhere". We started laughing so hard because it was just unbelievable! I think I was laughing because there was nothing I could do to fix Lila's new white Easter dress that had not made it to Easter yet..We pulled over and before doing anything, Dave snapped a photo. She was just so happy. She even smiled for the photo..

I thanked God A LOT right after this photo because I was able to brush all of the dirt off. As for the carrot seeds..We will know in a couple weeks if they have sprouted in Lila's belly. 

Finally Easter! We woke up, gave Lila her Easter basket, let her go on our mini egg hunt, and went off to church (breakfast/egg hunt/service). From there we went to my moms, ate lots of yummy food and relaxed all night! It is my absolute favorite holiday dinner. Good job, Mom! It was definitely a busy/enjoyable Easter. 

Spoiled with sweets!

Mimi and Pops!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter. Can't wait for next year! 


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