Wednesday, October 1, 2014

aaaaaaaaaaah FALL!

Last week/weekend we went to dinner with my best friend's family, had a family reunion (David's side), David and I went out with friends, we visited my in-laws to watch the Ravens game and David, my brother and my mom's Fiance got confirmed at my church (St. Pauls Lutheran)! 

So much has happened in the last few days..!
  • Lila stood up from kneeling
  • She pulled herself up to sit from laying on her back (yay abs!)
  • Her laugh is becoming more of a big girl laugh :(
  • She is eating more whole foods!
  • Trying to wave 
  • handing objects to me
  • Today she officially started crawling!!
I think that watching Lila grow is the coolest thing EVER! Everyday there is SOMETHING new. It is crazy that in one year that babies go from sleeping and eating to walking and talking (etc.)

Yesterday it really hit me that Lila is getting so smart. So every day before nap or bed, I rock her, give her a bottle and just chill with her. Most times it ends in us playing a little game. I try to steal her binky out of her mouth. She thinks it is hilarious. I take the binky, wave it around so that she can't grab it from me, and eventually give it back (acting like she "stole" it from me). ANYWAY...the little smarty pants is playing MY game. She hands ME the binky, doesn't let me take it, waves it around in front of my face and then puts it back into her mouth. She laughs at me like she invented the game or something! Well this is an ongoing game now. She did it again tonight. 

Today was very exciting for me because I LOVE OCTOBER! I love fall! Not too hot not too cold. Leggings, boots, scarves, jeans, sweaters! Fall just understands me and I understand Fall. I have always loved October, but I love it even more because David and I are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday! We also started dating in October 6 years ago (Weird!)

Along with the first day of October, we went to the pumpkin patch at Weber's Farm! Of course I love taking pictures so I quickly made a tutu for Lila and we went to pick up some pumpkins! 

Here we go!

Out front of our house!

Well that's all for now! Hopefully the next post will have our carved pumpkins!


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