Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zombie Mommy

OMG. I almost finished my entire blog for tonight and it was deleted. Ahhh. 

Anyway.. I feel like zombie mommy. Even though last night Lila slept through the night, I woke up several times. I wake up in a panic thinking Lila is suffocating in her blanket. Why?! Almost every night. I go check and she is fine! I'm crazy. I also think that I have never actually caught up on sleep since I have been pregnant. I would not be able to sleep because of heartburn and would wake up because I was uncomfortable. Of course now I do not get enough sleep because I do not go to bed until late at night and I wake up early with Lila. When will I be able to sleep?! My eyes are burning! Thankfully there is makeup to make me look somewhat presentable.

Today Lila and I ran errands all day. I needed to get my eyebrows done and a haircut. I feel 100 times better. I get my eyebrows threaded because wax peels my skin. Even though it hurts for 5 minutes getting it done, it's worth it! We also picked up Lila's photos today. They turned out amazing. I cannot wait until I can put them in frames! 
                  Sweet smile.

Last night, Lila was helping me make dinner... Or I was distracting her from helping me haha. Let's just say that she likes pots and pans. (Random pic- I just thought it was funny.)
                 "Mom, here's my spoon!"

Today my close friend, Heather, came over for a little to visit. We see her once a week-ish. We love auntie Hella. We have so much fun together.. And she is hilarious. Oh, and she is obsessed with my child. We hung out, laid on my bed, watched pooh bear and she helped me pick out what to wear tonight (and makeup.)

Tonight we went to Bahama Breeze to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. I had gotten Lila fed, bathed and ready for bed before we left. I could not have her awake like last night until 9:30. Well it worked! She was extremely calm and did not make a peep in the car. Then at the restaurant she fell asleep! Woohoo! I had heather snap a picture of Lila and I before leaving because I am usually the one taking the pictures. :( 

Mama enjoyed her magheritta and dessert (Dave's dessert) in peace and quiet! Everything was amazing. I had salmon creole, asparagus, and a sweet potato. For dessert I had a margheritta ( that was so sour I could not drink it without making a face-haha!) and chocolate island, which was David's dessert lol. So yummy. 

                Dessert for 2! 

I have got to run! My eyes cannot stay open any longer. 


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  1. Watching you drink that margarita was like watching Lila try her first lemon! It was hysterical!