Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Go Ravens!

Wow. Am I behind or what!? Life has been a little hectic lately! Running around all over the place and not having enough time to sit and type. 

Last week we went to my in-laws house to have dinner and play games, Lila had another playdate with her BFF, Brielle, and we watched David's pick-up soccer league play a game! 
Hello, Poppy!

Holding Hands

Go Ravens! Purple Friday!
Mommy and Lila watching Daddy!

Lila also experienced her first Ravens game...asleep. However, she looked cute in her purple tutu and headband. That's all that matters, right? I had ordered Lila a jersey a while back from Ebay. I was so excited..Then I heard that Ray Rice was no longer on the Ravens team anymore. Well, Lila.. I am sorry, mommy is selling it back on Ebay. It does not have much to do with him as a person, because I liked him a lot when he played. It has more to do with him not being on the team anymore. That is why I do not wear my Heap jersey anymore :(
Game Day!

Anyway, we will have to find something for her to wear on Sundays because a tutu and headband will get a little chilly in the fall. 

Last night I planned on making chicken for dinner..I really did not just want to eat a chicken breast. I googled recipes and came up with a chicken panini. It was GOOD! I put some Italian seasoning on the cooked chicken, combined spinach, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, mozz cheese, and avocado, placed it all in between two pieces of Italian bread and put it on the panini press. yummy yummy. I had leftover pasta salad and potato salad, so we used those as our sides. Talk about a good, quick meal. 

Oh! How could I forget!? We have a new addition to the family. DOLLY! The other day we were in a store and Lila was a moody Judy! I quickly looked around for a toy in the store. Well, there was Dolly! Right when I showed her to Lila, she was a giggly mess! Of course Lila cheered up and by the end of the visit, Dolly was drenched in saliva. When I went to the register, Dolly was tagless. Thankfully she only came to $2.00, but really she is priceless to our family. :) 

Lila and Dolly do everything together. Of course my camera is not working on my computer right now, so I can only use my phone pictures. 
Welcome, Dolly! 

Before I finish up, I want to wish my bestest friend, Chandler, a Happy Happy Birthday! She is turning 21, so it is kinda a big deal ! David and I are heading to VA on Friday to visit and celebrate. I am so so so excited! She is my partner in crime. LOVE YOU CHAN! 

The first day we met!

Off I go, Lila is squealing like a piggy, I guess she is hungry :)

Bye Bye

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