Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take THAT College!


Life is mostly calm with the Steppe family. Lila has been pretty good lately-basically started crawling tonight. She was moving both legs back and forth and less of the penguin belly flop. 

Yesterday I was in Lila's room, sat her in the crib for literally a minute (tops!), went back in and she was on her knees and hands holding up on the top part of the crib. "Uhhhhhh.... No nooooo". 

This picture was from last night while Dave and I had "family time" in her room.

When did this happen and how can I make it stop??!

Since Monday Lila and I have been home all day everyday. I have kinda been in the "staying home" mood and I like when Lila is consistent with her schedule. So tonight I asked david after work if we could go to target to pick up a few things that I need for the week.. Well I have some new finds!

The other day my friend heather came over for our weekly gossip.. I mean visit. She told me about targets app called cartwheel. Basically you go on the app and find coupons for anything you want at target. Most of the stuff I needed was not on there this week but I still saved some money! It was so easy. By the end of shopping, the cashier scanned my phone and everything on sale popped up! 

David and I also had signed up for a target red card. This is NOT a credit card. Basically you save 5% off of your whole bill, get an extra 30 day return and free shipping online when you use the card. It's linked to your debit card so it comes right out of your account. Why not save money?!? 

So even though tonight we did not save that much on our small purchases, we still saved a couple bucks! 

Tonight I am starting to make my first cleanse.. Now before I tell you about it, don't make fun of me! I usually think cleanses are dumb. I do not understand them and why starve for days when you can eat and exercise?! Anyway. This cleanse you drink 60 oz of my concoction AND you can eat (thank god). I found this on Jillian Michael's pinterest and I thought it was interesting. So this cleanse is basically for a quick trim. You need to fit into that dress by the end of the week? Do it ( well we will see ). So really I do not have anything special to do for me to lose weight quickly, but I was thinking if I just drink this drink and lose a couple pounds, maybe it will motivate me to do more. I am really struggling with losing my baby weight! I now look at pictures (from when I thought I was fat back in high school) and wonder how I was so much skinnier?!?? This cleanse basically just takes away the extra water weight. With that said, you will gain the weight back if you don't do anything about it. 

This is the concoction:

Everyday for a week:
60oz of water
1 dandelion root tea bag (taget)
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp sugar free cranberry juice

I will start this tomorrow and tell you all how it is. I have heard it is bitter but I  used to drinking unsweetened iced tea everyday (thanks mom!) 

Dinner this week has been pretty great!

Monday I made a paleo diet recipe.

I also made some bow tie pasta to throw under it, especially for david because I was not sure if he would like it. He told me that it was good, but it was a little risky having the veggies cut so big. He would rather not know every veggie he was eating. I guess I will start to hide his fruits in veggies in dishes like a child -haha. 

Tuesday night we had spaghetti and meatballs- classic. Yum. 

1 lb groundbeef
1/2 cup Panko
1 egg

Wam bam!

I used left over angel hair from two nights before. 

Now tonight.... It was risky.
I had never made steak in my life! I was scared. I had gotten a good deal at shoprite for 3 sirloin steaks.. They were pretty big.

I sautéed onions, garlic and mushrooms in butttterrrrr. Then laid the steak on top to cook ( with salt and pepper and eventually threw some parsley in at end). I roasted some potatoes in the oven for about 10 min and then added them into the pan with steak. The soaked up all of the juices (so flipping good)!!!! I also made asparagus. Butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and asparagus in a pan for a couple min. Delish! David said it was definitely a "man's dinner" ha! Not gonna tute my own horn... But yeah I did good this week-so far. I went from not knowing how to cook, to sucking it up and dealing with it. And now I love it! It is very exciting for me to find a recipe and experiment. I always watched my mom in the kitchen wondering how she just threw things into a pan and knowing that it would be good (never followed a recipe) and now I am starting to get confortable enough to throw my own twist to recipes. So cool!

Didn't have to study to figure out how to be a good mommy and wife! Take that college! 

Oh and here is my little sous chef!

Alright well I have to go switch out all of my summer clothes to fall now-YESSSSS! I love fall. Woo! 


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