Sunday, September 21, 2014

All I want for Lila is her 2 front teeth...

Ok..Don't kill me. 

I just have not been kinda busy and blogging has not been on my mind recently. Teething has...

Lila has two bottom teeth! Teething is not as horrible as everyone makes it seem...but it is still killing my sleep. Some nights she is fine and will sleep through the night. Others, like last night, she will wake up throughout the night. Thankfully she has taken two naps (one right now) and I was able to take a 45 min nap during the first one. Of course David is away a climbing trip in WV so it is all me :/ 

Goofy picture, but you can see at least the left tooth!

Lila turned 8 months on the 14th! 8 months is definitely my favorite. She is trying to mimic, making funny faces, starting to get teeth, trying to crawl/stand and she is just so stinkin' cute. I love that it is starting to get a little bit chilly because I can dress her in some long sleeves and shoes! 

Last week we visited David's grandparents/aunt and uncle while they were in town. They have not seen Lila for awhile so they could definitely see a difference! 

So Cute!

So on friday when David left, I had asked my friend Heather to come stay the night. We had plans to go to Havre de Grace on Saturday, so why not have a slumber party too? 

We took Lila on a walk through the town, took some pictures by the water, and had breakfast and stopped by a wine bar. Lila had her first taste of cinnamon cake/frosting, tried drinking Heather's frappuccino, and saw a lighthouse! 

Yes..Lila and a lighthouse

Tippi Toes!

The funniest part of the day was when we wanted to grab a quick lunch to hold us until dinner. Well we went to the first little restaurant we saw and it was a wine bar. We decided to go inside and get a light lunch. Little did we know how fancy it was....and we had a baby. Thankfully no one was dining and we got in before others came in. Lila was sooo good! I just stuffed her with puffs the entire time. 

When we finished our day in Havre de Grace my mom wanted us to meet her in Bel Air. Thankfully she offered to buy Lila some clothes for me. She is growing so fast and we can't keep up with her wardrobe! We just recently ran out of clothes that people had bought her from the baby shower and hand-me-downs. After finding some clothes, she took us to eat crabs. Shockingly, Lila was pretty good! 
 Yesterday was a LONG day. Especially for Lila who got only an hour nap all day :/

Now for food! This week I have been trying to eat a little healthier. Keeping the carbs out of everything..Well the big carbs. Of course I am not going to exclude everyone else from carbs, so if I made potato or rice, I just made mine without it. 

I made a chinese type of dinner one night. I sauteed some broccoli and carrots, cooked the chicken in sweet and sour sauce and eventually added some soy sauce on the rice. It was pretty good! Easy.

Every morning I have been making an omlet and I load it with veggies so that it fills me. I literally take any veggie in the fridge that I think sounds good with eggs, chop them, and saute. I add 2 scrambled eggs at the end..YUMMO

Almost every lunch last week I made one can of tuna and put it on a cabbage leaf. Not as good as bread....but its healthier! 

Now this meal, ladies and gentlmen.....I have to say was the best dinner I have ever made. I bought a pork tenderloin (garlic and onion flavored.) I wanted to try different meats, so this is what I found! I looked up a recipe that looked really good. You slice up 2 apples, get out any kind of bacon, and grab the crock pot. This is literally so simple. Cut 1 inch slices in the meat (not all the way through), put an apple slice in eat slot, surround the meat with the rest of apples, covers the meat in bacon and let cook for 6-8 hours. SOO GOOD! It melted in my mouth. I also sided the meat with homemade mashed potatoes and corn. 

To end this blog session, I would like to congratulate my little baby for trying to hold her bottle all week. BY HERSELF. YAY!

WOW. Bye for now! I smell a stinky diaper! (yes, she is now awake)


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