Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eat, Eat, Eat.

So, if any of you have had a baby, you know that their day revolves around mostly eating. You know that if you do not feed them enough during the day, they usually do not sleep through the night. You basically try to remember every little thing on the baby's routine. No studying or college can prepare you for the struggles of parenting. You are trying to raise a human being. I know it sounds silly, but every night when Lila goes to sleep I think to myself "We did it. She has survived another day". No Joke. It is so hard. You worry about all of the little things and everything that goes wrong. My mind never stops. I constantly think about what I should be preparing and trying to keep her on a routine...and maybe by the end of the night, I will remember to use the bathroom. Not only are you physically exhausted, but mentally. Is it sad that all I want to do is sit down and write a blog? Writing my blog is relaxing. 

Why am I venting, you ask? LILA IS EXHAUSTING. She has just started to really crawl. That means that wherever she wants to go, she will go. Lila does not want to be restrained by the high chair anymore, she wants to stand and walk around (while we hold her hands). Want, want, want. This child rarely wants to sit still. She goes off to do bigger and better things daily. 

This past week has been full of activities. My BFF, Chandler, came home for two days, we had a mommy/daughter playdate with Brielle and Sarah, Lila and I went out with David's sister, Casey, and her boyfriend, Aidan, and tonight my in-laws took us three out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. 

Wednesday Lila and I met Sarah and Brielle in Ellicott City to walk around. It is always a lot of fun getting together with them because we can relate to so much. Both married young, stay-at-home moms, daughters close in age, and we like to talk :) Most of our time was spent at a little cafe having lunch..First Lila ate lunch, then us moms, and then Brielle, so it took up a lot of time. From there we got out our carriers because the shops are very small and strollers were too big. 
These girls have so much fun together!
Lila fell asleep on the way back to car.

After we picked David up, they had some fun outside. 

Whenever Chan is home, it is a pretty tight packed schedule. She comes home shortly from college and tries to visit with everyone. Thursday Chandler, her mom, me and Lila went to the mall and Chandler's sister's field hockey game. We walked around the mall while Lila flirted with anybody with eyes and a smile. It is almost embarrassing how many people she can get attention from. She is truly a flirt.
Lila being waited on while relaxing. Nothing new.

I was also able to get Lila's hair up into a ponytail! 

Friday, Lila and I went to the mall with Casey and Aidan; I just love them! They sorta remind me of David and myself, but with more camo in their relationship HAHA. They just work together so well. Lila loves visiting them both, especially Aidan, her boyfriend ;) We walked around the mall and grabbed what we needed, ate lunch (spilled a large drink EVERYWHERE) and headed back to pick up David. 

I put Lila in one of my baby outfits. Of course it was huge because it's 18 months, but I love it!

And finally..tonight David's parents took us three out to Sparrows Point Country Club for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was so good! Lila behaved pretty well! I would have too though if my mom fed me french fries, cheerios, PB&J sandwich, and a little strawberry shortcake (waiter brought it over for her). While Lila enjoyed all of her good foods, we all drank wine/beer and had a fantastic dinner. David ended with a big ice cream sundae with NO wet nuts. 
Tonight before dinner..

I need to get off of the computer arm/shoulders are killing me from laying here too long. 


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