Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All Things New

I am one happy mama! Crawling and teething are actually in my favor these days. Guess how long Lila slept last night..? 8pm-8am!! Guess how many naps Lila took today..!? 2!! 2 hours each!! It's funny because 0-4 months babies barely do anything "new". They eat, sleep, poop, and maybe roll. Then all of a sudden there is five months! Hello, change! It just doesnt stop! Before you even get used to her doing one new thing, they do something else! Two days ago she started to really get up on her knees and today she is taking her first little "steps" to crawl. I really need to baby proof tomorrow. Another new thing is her "flying" around in her walker. She runs. God help us when she actually starts walking..I mean running. Maybe I will finally get into shape. 

We haven't really been up to too much this week. We went to my mom's house, took Lila to get professional photos, and just been hanging around. I did a big clean today (swept, vacuumed, and mopped). It takes a while since almost the whole downstairs is hardwood. About an hour later, Lila is throwing puffs everywhere.. I give up. 

Last night I made a Chinese type of dish. Sweet and sour chicken drumsticks, fried rice, and green beans. Turned out really good. I then made mocha chocolate brownies for dessert (out of a box..shame on me.) They kinda gave me a headache. Too rich. 

For tonight's dinner I made the pork chops again. I love them. However, in this weeks produce box we were given brussel sprouts. Now all I ever hear is that they are terrible...NO! I really liked them. However, I eat just about anything. My mom fed me shrimp scampi at 6 months, and ever since I have had a love for food. David, on the other hand was not too keen on my sprouts :( I think they taste like kale/cabbage. All I did was drizzle enough olive oil for salt and pepper to stick. Added the salt, pepper, and paprika. Baked them at 400 degrees for 25-50 min. Whenever they look cooked through. I think mine could have taken a bit longer. Oh and I added some bacon..everything tastes better with bacon.  

I made some truffles for tomorrow's dessert..I will share if they turn out! Off I go! I have been trying to read a book for the past two weeks, and I have not even finished the first chapter. #notimemommy


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